A Brand-New Digital Gallery: Gallery MAS

Gallery MAS, Turkey´s new digital gallery that is bringing together the most valuable artists of Turkish Contemporary Art, is now open.
A Brand-New Digital Gallery: Gallery MAS

Gallery MAS, established by the joint venture of Moris Sabaner, Albert Nahmiyas, and Sabiha Kurtulmuş, is enabling art enthusiasts to observe many valuable art pieces on the online platform.

Nowadays many art events such as theaters, shows, and exhibitions that used to be realized by physical participation and full of one-to-one interaction, left their places to events realized on the digital platforms. In this era where we are rapidly going digital, Sabiha Kurtulmuş who is known as a gallery owner and art consultant in the art world, together with the respectable businessmen Albert Nahmiyas and Moris Sabaner, started an initiative, uniting the art enthusiasts with a new online contemporary art platform.

MAS, hosting the current works of Turkey's important contemporary artists, is presenting the works of art to the viewer, limiting their size. One of the founding partners of MAS, Albert Nahmiyas, remarking that MAS will make a difference among the digital art platforms with their work selection and the opportunities they offer, is adding that the digital platforms offer the art enthusiasts the chance to examine, research, and compare.

Nahmiyas also stated, "Today's conditions encourage not only the art venues but also the artist, to versatility taking them out of their accustomed way of working and to be equipped with the necessary technology. The fact that VR [Virtual Reality] and AR [Augmented Reality] technologies have evolved and are being used by many artists, is highly effective in increasing the potential of digital art. In fact, the goal is to create a kind of sustainable art notion. We have initiated MAS, bringing together our passion for art, foresight, and professional expertise. From now on, by uniting the art lovers with the small-sized current works of contemporary art's effectual artists on an active artistic platform, with our success in this field, we are aiming to pioneer in making art reachable by a wider audience independent of location."

To observe the current works selected in collaboration by the artist and the gallery owner or to get information, you may visit the website www.gallerymas.com.

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