UOML Students Third at TUBITAK Competition

Ulus Jewish High School (UOML) students Eyal Kohen and Loni Aslan Beharti with their ´Road Patrol Autonomous UVA - Flying Eye´ project became ´Third in the Region´ at the 52nd TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) High Schools Research Projects Competition.
UOML Students Third at TUBITAK Competition

In the competition where 14,010 projects from 12 regions in Turkey applied, and 2,100 projects earned the right to participate in the finals, the project of UOML students has attracted great interest. For this project which has participated in the competition in the 'Software Field', 'Audio Visual' 'Writing Recognition and Processing Technologies' areas, an autonomous UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) was developed. The autonomous UAV will inform the relevant centers of the traffic flow problems ensuring the arrival of instant help, by constantly monitoring the traffic flow on remote and hard-to-reach districts and village roads with no phone or internet, with an image processing algorithm. Also with the flight control tests, the applicability of the project in real life was demonstrated.

The Project Consulting Teacher Talha Kılıç, remarking that he was proud of their students for their TUBITAK success, said, "We are also continuing the project studies with our students during online schooling process. Our students are keeping up the success tradition, winning awards worldwide in Science Projects. Our students will represent our country and our school this year with the 'FLYING EYE' project as well as other projects at TEKNOFEST, BAYER, HONG KONG, and KOREA Science Competitions.

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