President Erdoğan Wished a Happy Passover

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan conveyed a message on account of the Passover Festival.
President Erdoğan Wished a Happy Passover

President Erdoğan in his message he has broadcasted said, "On the occasion of Passover, one of the most important religious holidays of Judaism, I congratulate our Jewish citizens with my most heartfelt feelings.

It is greatly important for us that all the believers with whom we have lived together in peace and harmony for centuries on these lands shall be able to live their religions and traditions, as we claim our 'Respect and tolerance for religious beliefs' heritage that we had inherited from our perdurable civilization.

The unity, togetherness, and solidarity demonstrated by all parts of our society is the most important assurance that will preserve our peace and harmony today and tomorrow, just as it had yesterday.

I wish all the Jews, especially our Jewish citizens, a happy Passover again, and wish them well."

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