´Whispering Boxes´ Revealing 70´s Soul

You will explore the 1970´s soul at Oganaki´s ´Whispering Boxes´ miniature diorama exhibition...
´Whispering Boxes´ Revealing 70´s Soul

The miniature diorama artist Oganaki's (Ogan Akıncı) first solo exhibition 'Whispering Boxes' can be visited at Piramid Sanat until January 31st. Miniature diorama is the three-dimensional small-scaled modeling of an incident, scene, or story, real or fiction.

Curated by Bedri Baykam, the exhibition with such attention to detail, is a challenge for the artist, as he has an impatient and impulsive personality. For the viewer, it is an exhibition that will trigger the memories deep down, while giving immense pleasure. These three-dimensional works take the viewer sometimes to a barbershop, a library, and sometimes to a gas station, or an artist's studio.

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