Mayor of Beyoglu Visited Or-Yom for Hanukkah

The Mayor of Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, Haydar Ali Yıldız visited our community´s nursing home Or-Yom, located in his district, to celebrate their Hanukkah Festival.
Mayor of Beyoglu Visited Or-Yom for Hanukkah

Haydar Ali Yıldız, the Mayor of Beyoğlu, visited Or-Yom to celebrate the Hanukkah Festival of the residents. In Or-Yom he attended the lighting of the Hanukkah candles together with Chief Rabbi Isak Haleva.

In his speech he made after the candles were lit, Haydar Ali Yıldız wishing a happy Hanukkah, comfort, and health to the residents of Or-Yom, went on to say, "You, our elders, are precious for us. Your existence is hope for us. We usually say that the youth is our future. This is true, but there is no future without a past. Therefore your presence is precious for the existence of our youth and for our country's future. I wish God grants you all a long healthy life. Happy Hanukkah."


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