COVID-19 in Turkish Jewish Community

Even though positive results give us hope for the future, lives are still being lost because of coronavirus at full speed. COVID-19 has also affected the Turkish Jewish Community greatly in the past 9 months.
COVID-19 in Turkish Jewish Community

Turkey has once again faced the bitter outcome with the Ministry of Health starting to announce the case numbers beside the number of infected people. The further spreading of the virus is trying to be prevented with the new measures and restrictions.

While the daily case numbers are over 30,000, the Ministry of Health has declared the total number of lives lost in Turkey as 13,746.

According to the latest update, 29 people of the Turkish Jewish community have lost their lives due to COVID-19, until now. Also, many people in our community have been sick and have regained their health after lengthy treatments.

Even though Or-Yom, our community's only nursing home, had been following the process closely and taking the highest level of precautions, they have been going through a very difficult period for the last two months. Unfortunately, there have been lives lost there also. Or-Yom's co-president Bülent Özsezikli, in his statement, has given the good news that there have been no positive results in the precautionary PCR tests administered on the professionally working staff.

During the pandemic, Chief Rabbi Isak Haleva and Turkish Jewish Community presidents Ishak Ibrahimzadeh and Erol Kohen are helping and showing support to all the community members suffering from COVID-19, to meet all their needs. Chief Rabbi Isak Haleva is calling whomever is sick, wishing them well, praying for them, and trying to keep their spirits up.

The synagogue administration and the Chief Rabbinate with their continuous warnings and reminders, are sharing with the community the precautions they take to protect the health of the Jewish community. Everybody's mutual wish is to overcome this unpleasant period, in the shortest time, with the least damage.

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