Prof. Dr. Selim Kaneti Commemorated by His Colleague

Prof. Dr. Selim Kaneti has been commemorated by his colleague Prof. Dr. Teoman Akünal, in his new book, on the 28th year of his death anniversary.
Prof. Dr. Selim Kaneti Commemorated by His Colleague
´Portraits Living in Memories´ by Prof. Dr. Teoman Akgül

Professor of law Dr. Teoman Akünal in his new book 'Portraits Living in Memories (Anılarda Yaşayan Portreler)' where he compiled his memories of Istanbul University Faculty of Law from the 60s and 70s, commemorated his colleague Prof. Dr. Selim Kaneti with his 'primus inter pares - first among equals' foreword of the book.

Akünal, after reminiscing Kaneti as a leading legist who really internalized law among lawyers, added, "Kaneti, when his vast intelligence, his powerful memory that kept every knowledge he had learned since the first grade of elementary school, every piece he read fresh as if he has just read yesterday, was combined with his diligence he kept day and night, he had risen to an unreachable height."

Prof. Akünal after citing some of his memories about Kaneti, ended this part of the book by saying: "I remember this friend, in love with law, with as great a heart as his vast knowledge, and bow respectfully before his memory."

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