´Friend of Atatürk´ Award to Hanri Benazus

´Friend of Atatürk´ Award to Hanri Benazus
Hanri Benazus

Friends of Ataturk in Paris Association, LADAP (Les Amis d’Ataturk à Paris), gave the 'Friend of Atatürk (L’Ami d’Atatürk)' award they have organized for the first time, to the investigative writer Hanri Benazus. The award ceremony was organized in Paris on October 29th, the 97th anniversary of the Turkish Republic. Benazus who could not attend the ceremony because of the pandemic, made a 'Neverending Debt, Ataturk Love' themed speech, during the ceremony streamed live via LADAP's Facebook account.

LADAP had decided to award the 'Friend of Ataturk' award to people and organizations that strived to explain Ataturk's principles and revolutions and enlighten the society. Hanri Benazus who has the largest collection of Ataturk photos, and has been giving lectures and opening exhibitions on Ataturk and Kemalism for many years, in Turkey and abroad, is the author of around 100 philosophical and historical books.


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