Great Interest for ´European Day of Jewish Culture´

European Day of Jewish Culture is continuing to meet the participants online via the www.muze500.com website starting on Sunday, October 25th.
Great Interest for ´European Day of Jewish Culture´
Estreyikas d´Estambol Children´s Choir directed by Izzet Bana

The ‘Jewish Traces and Past in Galata' tour organized in the context of the event especially received great attention. 4 synagogues in Istanbul, (Austrian Ashkenazim Synagogue, Italian Synagogue, Tofre Begadim -Tailors- Ashkenazim Synagogue, and Neve Shalom Synagogue) and the Schneidertempel Art Gallery opened their doors for visitors. A limited number of participants following the pandemic rules spent moments full of history and nostalgia, guided by Mois Gabay and Selim Puler. The Matsa Bakery was added to the route for the first time as part of the European Day of Jewish Culture and turned out to be one of the most popular locations.

The concert of Estreyikas d'Estambol Children's Choir has been broadcasted live during the event. The performance received reviews full of compliments from the audience on social platforms.

The Quincentenial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews was another venue welcoming the visitors during the day. The exhibition compiled from the award-winning photographer Izzet Keribar's photos taken over the years, from various regions of Turkey, reflecting the customs and traditions of the Turkish Jews, was a fine option for the ones spending their day at the museum.

The European Day of Jewish Culture 2020 online events will be available for visiting for one year at the www.muze500.com website.

European Day of Jewish Culture 2020

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