Mamut Art Project 2020 on Two Different Platforms

Mamut Art Project founded by sisters Seren - Ekin Kohen, is getting ready to present its 2020 edition to art lovers, between dates October 27th - November 8th, on two different platforms, physical and online.
Mamut Art Project 2020 on Two Different Platforms

Mamut Art Project 2020 is starting on two different platforms simultaneously; online at mamutartproject.com and its new venue Yapı Kredi Bomontiada, on October 27th.

This year in this dynamic art event, around 400 works of 49 artists that have been chosen out of 1500 applications, the highest number of applications reached until now. Among these works, there are productions in many fields such as videos, animations, illustrations, digitals, photographs, collages, installations, street arts, paintings, and three-dimensional works like ceramics, sculpture, and wooden artworks.

This year at the 8th edition of Mamut, the art lovers will be able to experience the distinctive interpretations of current issues such as sound perception, human in the focus of global problems, in the light of altering world conditions, ecology, and search for new form and structure.

The art lovers wishing to visit the Mamut Art Project 2020 in Bomontiada, will be able to do so, free of charge, just by making reservations via mamutartproject.com.

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