A Great Loss for the Turkish Media

Journalist Bekir Coşkun lost his life because of the lung cancer that he had been fighting for a long time.
A Great Loss for the Turkish Media
Bekir Coşkun

The experienced writer and columnist writing for the Sözcü Newspaper, a master of Turkish journalism, Bekir Coşkun has lost his life on Sunday, October 18th, in the Ankara City Hospital where he had been treated for lung cancer.

Bekir Coşkun, born in Şanliurfa, Turkey, in 1945, had graduated from the University of Journalism in Ankara.

Bekir Coşkun who started his profession as a photojournalist, then becoming a police and parliament reporter, started his column 'Dokuzuncu Köy (Ninth Village)' in the Günaydin Newspaper, in 1978. In 1987 he started working for the Sabah Newspaper, changing his column's name to 'Onuncu Köy (Tenth Village)'. Coşkun who started writing for the Hurriyet Newspaper in 1993, got transferred to Habertürk Newspaper in 2009. He started writing for the Cumhuriyet Newspaper in 2010 and wrote his first column for the Sözcü Newspaper on March 14, 2014.

Bekir Coşkun held off his writings due to his cancer treatment in 2017, however since then, he had continued to write his column for the Sözcü Newspaper as often as his health let him.

The principled, veteran journalist who was also known for his love of animals and nature, had met his readers on October 4th, on World Animal Day, for the last time.

Bekir Coşkun's funeral will be today, on October 20th.


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