"With the Spirit of Togetherness, We Shall Overcome the Multiple Challenges Which Lie Ahead"

Israeli Consulate General of Istanbul, Consulate Representative Ehud Moshe Eitam conveyed his Rosh Hashanah message for the members of the Turkish Jewish Community, via Şalom.
"With the Spirit of Togetherness, We Shall Overcome the Multiple Challenges Which Lie Ahead"

"Dear members of the Turkish Jewish Community,

Looking back on the recent year 5780,  I can hardly recall its first half. It looks so remote. The second half, which was abducted entirely by the pandemic, has put us all on trial, as individuals, families, community, society, people, nation, regions and as mankind as a whole. The trial is not over yet. It seems that the virus will challenge us also in the coming year. Thus, it charges the self-inspection of the Yamim Noraim with a special meaning and depth.

The Turkish Jewish Community was also heavily affected by this pandemic. However, with much appreciation and pride I saw the dedication and performance of its leaders and institutions, in the combat against the danger and in supplying the needs of all the members demonstrating the noble Jewish values. This was also the fate of our brothers in different corners of the globe. Encountering fatalities, economic hardships and expressions of antisemitism fueled by the virus. The solidarity shown among the distant communities was a true expression of Jewish unity.

Israel, which brilliantly passed the first wave is facing now, like many countries, a strong second wave, which will confine us to our nucleus families and homes during the coming holidays. This is a necessary protective step for the health of our people, and surely we shall emerge stronger and continue to be a leading country in the fight against the virus, while advancing peace and collaboration in our region. Fighting with Israel's own challenges do not halt our strive for the well-being of the diaspora. Before Sukot, Israeli experts of resilience will hold online work-shops with the relevant institutions. I also would like to use this opportunity to welcome a new consul, Mr. Sharon – who just arrived in Istanbul and wish him much success.

I am sure that with the spirit of togetherness we shall overcome the multiple challenges which lie ahead, and “bisata deshmaya”, with god’s help, we shall emerge victorious also of this trial.

I wish you with all my heart Shana Tova u Metuka!"

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