Neve Shalom Victims Commemorated on the 34th Year Anniversary

22 people who lost their lives during the cruel massacre on September 6th, 1986 in the Neve Shalom Synagogue in Istanbul, were commemorated with the ceremony on Friday, August 21st.
Neve Shalom Victims Commemorated on the 34th Year Anniversary
The massacre in 1986 as reflected in Şalom

During the commemoration organized in the Ulus Ashkenazi Cemetery, candles were lit and prayers were recited for Aşer Ergün, Avram Eskenazi, Bensiyon Levi, Binyamin Ereskenazi, Daniel Daryo Baruh, Davit Behar, Eliyezer Hara, Ibrahim Ergün, Isak Barokas, Isak Gerşon, Jozef Alhalel, Leon Levi Musaoğlu, Mirza Ağajan Babazadeh, Moiz Levi, Dr. Moiz Şaul, Rafael Rafi Nassimiha, Robert Israel Özfins, Salamon Ancel, Salamon Şalom Çitone, Sefanya Şenkal, Yako Matalon, and Yuda Leon Atalay who had lost their lives during the brutal attack.

On September 6th, 1986, Saturday morning, at 9:17, Neve Shalom Synagogue had experienced a ruthless attack by a terrorist group. The terrorists who raided the synagogue, fired with machine guns at the people who were praying their Shabbat prayers, killing 22 Jewish people in a matter of only minutes.

Voice over by: Janet Mitrani


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