Şalom Newspaper´s ´El Amaneser´, Istanbul and Judeo Espagnol

The documentary ´Dokumentaryo de Movistar en Estambol´ shot by the Spanish Movistar film crew received a great appreciation.
Şalom Newspaper´s ´El Amaneser´, Istanbul and Judeo Espagnol
(photo taken from the documentary)

The emotional and informative documentary by Movistar, 'Dokumentaryo de Movistar en Estambol' is telling about Şalom's Ladino (Judeo Espagnol) magazine 'El Amaneser', Sephardic Jews in Istanbul and the story of Ladino of four generations.

In the documentary which also displays the hard work done by the El Amaneser team, in order to keep alive a language about to be lost, El Amaneser's Editor in Chief Karen Gerşon in her commentaries states that language and culture are an inseparable couple.

The Movistar team after completing the outdoor shootings, interviews with Ladino speaking Jews, and the Jewish artisan in Istanbul, came to Şalom Newspaper's offices and carried out shootings a whole day, getting information from the newspaper team.

You can watch the whole documentary broadcasted on YouTube from the link below:



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