Proud of Our Most Successful 25 Turkish Students

´Study in America´ that has been helping students enter the best universities around the world since 1993, chose the most successful 25 Turkish students of 2020.
Proud of Our Most Successful 25 Turkish Students

While being chosen as the most successful students of 2020 by 'Study in America', not only the students' academic successes have been taken into account but also their leadership qualities.

The students that are on the list are placed at the top of their classes, have graduated last month with a diploma grade of minimum 3.7 over 4, and with Summa Cum Laude or Magna Cum Laude Honors. Besides, they have helped the community doing volunteer work, and with their job experiences, they are demonstrating a maturity far beyond their age.

Another criterion of Study in America in evaluating these students was their characters and the fact that they had influenced those around them by giving them inspiration. It is emphasized that the students chosen are versatile, smart, and strong in character.

Ralfi Şalhon, Verda Seneor, and Sani Eskenazi were among the most successful students of 2020.

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