Art On Istanbul Presents ´Eternal Summer´

Art On Istanbul presents the ´Eternal Summer´ exhibition, which consists of works of 24 artists.
Art On Istanbul Presents ´Eternal Summer´

Art On Istanbul is meeting the art-lovers after the mandatory break given due to the pandemic, with the 'Eternal Summer' mixed exhibition including works of 24 artists in different styles. The exhibition brings together artists of different generations, in mediums such as sculpture, new media, photography, painting, and relief.

'Eternal Summer' aims to establish a close relationship between the audience and the artwork by revealing the possibilities of multiple perspectives. The term eternal summer, emphasizes the award-like summer season that came after a difficult winter and an unnoticed spring. At a time when uncertainties are not specific to this period and encompass our lives in every way, the exhibition will greet its audience in real-time and online platforms until August 29th, to remind how meaningful it is to stop and observe, and to keep the mind active and learn.

The artists contributing to the exhibition are:

Ahmet Çerkez, Ahmet Elhan, Anıl Önen, Begüm Yamanlar, Burcu Erden, Canan Dağdelen, Elif Ece Alarcın, Emrah Önal, Erdal İnci, Erman Özbaşaran, Evren Sungur, Ilgın Seymen, Işıl Kapu, Melike, Mithat Şen, Oddviz, Olcay Kuş, Olgu Ülkenciler, Onur Mansız, Sena Gökçeoğlu, Sencer Vardarman, Uğur Daştan, Uluç Ali Kılıç, and Ülgen Semerci.


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