Raising Awareness for Our World Through Rhinos

Artist Özge Günaydın is trying to raise awareness about the environmental degradation through her exhibition ´Rhinos Back in Town´.
Raising Awareness for Our World Through Rhinos

The artist Özge Günaydın's multidisciplinary exhibition 'Rhinos Back in Town' started welcoming its visitors in Masterpiece Hall Maslak, by appointment system. Günaydın is raising awareness on the sixth phase of earth's great global destruction, how important nature really is, via calling attention to the rhinos that are becoming extinct, in her personal exhibition.

The curator of 'Rhinos Back in Town' is Denizhan Özer, the art director is Ayça Okay, and the music is by the French composer and producer Charles Mondon. The significance of this multidisciplinary exhibition is that it addresses all the five senses of the visitors. The exhibition consists of paintings, sculptures, digital art, installations, video art, and a special documentary directed by Ersan Bayraktar.

You can also visit the rhinos online via the YouTube channel 'Rhinos Back in Town'. The exhibition can be visited by appointment, from 11:00 to 20:00 every day, until September.

To watch the special documentary 'Rhinos Back in Town' from the YouTube link below:



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