Delicious Cookies for Us; Donations to Or Yom

Twin sisters Alara and Selin Reyna are two young girls that love to spend time in the kitchen, creating and exploring new delicacies. They are also kindhearted enough to turn their joy into a social help project. Let´s listen to this wonderful project from them.
Delicious Cookies for Us; Donations to Or Yom

Translation by Janet MITRANI

Exploring new flavors and spending time in the kitchen has been one of their many hobbies ever since they were kids, of Alara and Selin who currently study in 12th grade of Koç Highschool. Alara, stating that during the period of time when they had to stay at home due to Coronavirus, they have been baking a new dessert every week and having great pleasure while doing so, added: "I've always felt close to old people after the volunteer work I've done two years ago in Or Yom (the elderly care home in Istanbul for the elderly Jews, that rely mostly on donations and help). Thinking we, as well, will get old one day eventually, I've noticed that they may be needing help more than anyone else. Therefore together with my twin sister Selin, we thought of taking an initiative, creating a brand for ourselves, and selling the cookies we are making. We chose the name 'Crispy Bites' for our brand."

Selin, saying that they had gone through some difficult times naturally, especially during the initial days when they were trying to establish the brand, went on to say: "Yes, there have been some tough times but thanks to the Business & Management classes Alara took at school, we had a lot of information on which steps to take, and so we were able to start ahead. Even though at first we had difficulties baking the first batch of ordered cookies in time, establishing a system in the kitchen, and making it work, since we hadn't been professional in the cooking business, later we worked hand in hand and succeded.

Though we are only making two kinds of cookie for now, in the future, maybe in a few weeks or in a few months, we are planning to have more varieties. Just this week as an addition to the normal chocolate-chip cookies, we started to make sugar-free chocolate-chip cookies with spelt flour and saw that there was a demand that we haven't expected. Naturally, we were really happy to see that. We sincerely hope that you can contribute to our donation and help us help our elderly in Or Yom."

Two brilliant young girls may have begun a job way over their heads. However thanks to their graciousness and diligence, they are reaching a big community and keeping up a wonderful project successfully. I'd say just check out their Instagram site '@crispyy.bitess'; you are sure to become addicted to their cookies.

Crispy Bites


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