Synagogues in Istanbul are Reopening With Constraints

The first prayer in the Istanbul Synagogues will be on the Jewish holy day Shabbat (Saturday) this week.
Synagogues in Istanbul are Reopening With Constraints

Şişli, Ortaköy, and Caddebostan synagogues in Istanbul will be opened after months, on Saturday, June 13th, within the context of the conditions and rules regulated by the Turkish Board of Science.

Due to the 'New Normal' Rules in the Turkish Jewish community, only the people with reservations will be able to enter the synagogues for now. Maximum 15 men and 5 women Yahid will be able to be present, during each prayer service. The number of attendees may increase in the future parallel to the further announcement of the Board of Science.

However, people over 65, will not be able to enter the synagogues, even though the Board of Science let them go out, until further notice from the Jewish community.

COVID-19 Synagogues


The details (in Turkish) of the measures taken in line with the decisions of the Turkish Ministry of Health, can be found in the link below:



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