The ´New Normal´ Starts Today

As of today, June 1st, the ´new normal´ is starting in Turkey.
The ´New Normal´ Starts Today

As of today many businesses, like cafes, restaurants, sport centers, and many shops that had been closed as a precaution not to further spread the Coronavirus in Turkey, are being reopened. Parks are also being reopened for public entry. While many shops and facilities open, social distancing, hygiene measures in these places will be closely administered. Many new precautions will be taken in the reopened places, getting used to the 'new normal', and taking the necessary measures to fight the COVID-19 threat that is still in our lives.

Another lifted restriction is about travel; as of today, it is allowed to travel in the cities and intercities.

However, the outgoings of the people aged over 65 and under 18 years are still restricted to specific days.


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