Hermana Documentary Screened On-line

Sephardic Heritage International DC, in a special screening, presented the documentary ´Hermana´ by Enver Arcak on Sunday, May 10th.
Hermana Documentary Screened On-line

During the event organized by Sephardic Heritage International DC (Shin DC) on Sunday, May 10th, via Zoom, the documentary film on the untold history of Ankara's Jewish community 'Hermana' was screened online for the participants. In this context, following the film screening, a virtual interview with Enver Arcak, the producer of the award-winning documentary was also carried out, moderated by Susan Barocas. Within this project also a very interesting virtual exhibition about the Jews of Ankara took place.

In the award-winning documentary 'Hermana', most of the Ankara Jews' habit of speaking Turkish thus forgetting the Ladino (Judeo-Espagnol) language, their adopting Turkish surnames instead of the Hebrew ones before 1934, and their memories of life in Ankara in the '60s are told.

The exhibition Jews of Ankara, including rare photos, marriage certificates and other documents and archival materials from the early 20th century, can be visited on the Sephardic Heritage International DC's website, until May 31st, from the link below:



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