Hate Speech Towards Jews, Armenians, and Greeks From ´Gercek Hayat´ Magazine

In the Turkish magazine called ´Gercek Hayat´, an editorial containing hate speech towards the Jewish, Armenian, and Greek communities of Turkey was published.
Hate Speech Towards Jews, Armenians, and Greeks From ´Gercek Hayat´ Magazine
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The Turkish Chief Rabbinate, Istanbul Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, and the former Armenian Patriarch's taking place in a diagram published under the title "Feto's Servants (Fetö'nün Ayakları)", received many negative reactions.

The insubstantial statement was condemned by the Turkish Jewish Community leaders, Istanbul Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, and Turkish Armenian Patriarchate.

The Turkish Jewish Community in their declaration stated, "We condemn the discrimination and provocation created by the publications that use our Chief Rabbi with unrealistic accusations. We are waiting for the prompt solution, through education and legally, for the harm these hate publications make to our Turkey that we are an inseparable part of."

The statement made by the Istanbul Greek Orthodox Patriarchate:

"In an article that has been published in the 'Gercek Hayat' magazine, that troubled and offended the Christian and Jewish members of our community deeply, community members and religious leaders are being targeted with insubstantial slanders. This act, while it is very painful, we feel the necessity to declare to the public that the very critical and unrealistic allegations made irresponsibly, deeply trouble the Turkish Orthodox Community. It is, unfortunately, possible that the racist occurrences seen in many countries, may also be seen here. The Patriarch Excellency is profoundly saddened of facing an accusation like this, even though he grants all the support he can to our government. While declaring this to the public, we state that we are sure that the government will do what it takes."

The Turkish Armenian Patriarchate stated their condemnation as such:

"We have sadly learned that an editorial of defamation and slander including also our late Turkish Armenian Patriarch Shenork I. Kaloustian Excellency has been published in a magazine called 'Gercek Hayat'.

Besides, the same article by also targeting the Greek Orthodox and Jewish religious leaders, is making political discrimination towards the different religious communities in Turkey with unjust, insubstantial slanders, and marking the communities as targets through their leaders.

It is an absolute reality that just like the Turkish Armenians, other Christian and Jewish community members have also been shaken, saddened, felt insulted.

Since these statements used under the pretense of 'freedom of the press' are both very painful and can lead to very fatal results, this irresponsible act and the unrealistic accusations made, are perceived rather troubling by the Armenian Patriarchate and community.

The racist mentalities seen in many places around the world, statements, and actions of this nature are unfortunately seen also in our country. The negative outcomes of this kind of racist propaganda. In relevance, an attacker who had been affected by the same kind of hate speeches, had wanted to burn our church in means of pouring gas over.

As all the Patriarches of the Republican era, our current Patriarch Excellency, all the institutions and members of our community are connected to the Turkish Republic and Government not only by citizenship but are attached emotionally to the country as they are of the loyal and old Anatolian people.

Facing such unfounded, defamatory, and unexcused accusations that violate the principles of press morality and that cannot be explained with the freedom of the press, deeply hurts our patriarchate and every member of our community, to say the least.

We stand reassured that our government will promptly say 'Stop' to all kinds of injustice, discrimination, and slander; thus take whatever legal action necessary promptly to stop the people or institutions intending to damage the integrity of our country, the unity and solidarity of the people."


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