"Turkey Has Completed the First Phase in It´s Fight With Coronavirus"

30,303 tests were administered today, of these 2,253 people were diagnosed positive. 64 people lost their lives and 4,917 patients have recovered today.
"Turkey Has Completed the First Phase in It´s Fight With Coronavirus"

As per Turkey's Daily Coronavirus Chart, as of May 6th, the total number of tests administered is 1,234,724, the total number of positive cases is 131,744, the total number of lives lost is 3,584, the total number of intensive care patients is 1,278, the total number of intubated patients is 669, and the total number of recovered patients is 78,202.

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca in the press declaration he made after the meeting with the Board of Scientists, he talked about the new free application created named 'Hayat Eve Sığar' which is evaluated as one of the most important requirements of the 'CONTROLLED SOCIAL LIFE' phase. This application is aiming to guide people during their daily lives and minimize the risks that can be encountered. Via this application when outside, people are able to predict how big a risk they may encounter where they are or where they are headed, and take precautions accordingly.

Minister Koca during his press declaration said, "I am proud to declare this in the name of our health care army who made a big progress with the support of the 83 million: Turkey has completed the first phase in it's fight with coronavirus."

Minister Koca in his Twitter account also stated, "The number of patients needing intensive care or intubation has decreased. There is an increase, within expected limits, in the new diagnosed case number due to the breaks in limited lockdowns. Virus is using every chance it gets. We should absolutely adhere to the precautions."


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