"The Weather Outside May Change Our Chart; Let´s Be Careful with Precautions"

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca: "The daily number of diagnosed cases is below 2000 for the first time since March 30th. Our number of newly recovered patients is close to 2.5 times this number."
"The Weather Outside May Change Our Chart; Let´s Be Careful with Precautions"
Image taken from Murat Çorak´s song ´Yeniden Sarılırız´

As per Turkey's Daily Coronavirus Chart, as of May 2nd, the total number of tests administered is 1,111,366, the total number of positive cases is 124,375, the total number of lives lost is 3,336, the total number of intensive care patients is 1,445, the total number of intubated patients is 778, and the total number of recovered patients is 58,259.

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca remarking in his Twitter account on Saturday that Istanbul is a very big city, stated, "Istanbul has very different qualities than the other cities in the world where the pandemic is seen. 20 million. It has an intense settlement structure. Two or more generations live together. As opposed to this, we were able to place Istanbul, where 60% of the cases have been seen, under control in 5 weeks. This has great importance for the 83 million."

Minister Koca praising the song 'Yeniden Sarılırız, Zamanı Gelince (We'll Embrace Again, When The Time Comes)' by Murat Çorak, thanked him saying "'We'll embrace again when the time comes/ The earth and above will glow, when it sees us' This sound was what we seemed to hear in the hospital hallways, services. Now 83 million will hear it. I thank Murat Çorak who gave voice to the yearnings of our healthcare providers and the community."

You can listen to Murat Çorak's song from the link below: 



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