Renan Koen´s Live Performance During Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood´s Commemoration

Renan Koen will perform live during the Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood of America´s ´Sephardic Yom Hashoah Commemoration´ which will be held via Zoom and Facebook, this Sunday.
Renan Koen´s Live Performance During Sephardic Jewish Brotherhood´s Commemoration

The famous pianist, composer, soprano, and music therapist Renan Koen will be performing her Sephardic Holocaust songs during the 'Sephardic Yom Hashoah Commemoration' of the Sephardic Brotherhood of America, on Sunday, April 19th. The Memorial Ceremony will be streamed live via Zoom and their Facebook page.

Renan Koen about her upcoming performance said, "I am deeply moved to perform at Holocaust Remembrance with Sephardic Songs on Sunday via Sephardic Brotherhood of America Facebook page at 10:00 PM - Turkey Time, 3:00 PM - New York Time, 9:00 PM - European Time. This Sunday! Join us and our Sephardic community partners across the United States for a special memorial ceremony to honor the victims from Ladino speaking Sephardic and Romaniote communities of Europe. Let our unity elevate souls!"

To join the Sephardic Brotherhood's Memorial Ceremony via Zoom Livestream you may e-mail [email protected], or enter their Facebook website.

Also the same night Renan Koen will be performing another one of her mini online live piano concerts, this time Holocaust-themed, via the Turkish Jewish Community's Twitter account @tyahuditoplumu at 8:00 PM (Turkey Time). During this concert, Koen will perform the pieces of Theresienstadt Composers, who were held captive and then murdered in the death camp, during the Holocaust.


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