35,720 Tests; 4,789 Diagnosed Cases

In the last 24 hours, 97 patients have lost their lives and 481 patients have recovered.
35,720 Tests; 4,789 Diagnosed Cases
The lockdown has lef the city to the animals...

As per Turkey's Daily Coronavirus Chart, as of April 12th, the total number of tests administered is 376,100, the total number of positive cases is 56,956, the total number of lives lost is 1,198, the total number of intensive care patients is 1,665, the total number of intubated patients is 978, and the total number of recovered patients is 3,446.

Furthermore, the resignation of Minister of Internal Affairs Süleyman Soylu, due to his keeping himself responsible for the indignation after the complete lockdown decision on Friday evening, was not accepted.

The official statement made by the Department of Communications, commenting on Soylu's success in his duty was as follows:

"Our Minister has tendered his resignation to our President, and our President has told him that he did not think this request suitable. To tender his resignation is an office owner's own recognition, but the final decision belongs to our honorable President. The resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs has not been accepted, he will continue his duty."


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