We Have Lost Hazzan Rabbi Rıfat Romi

As the Turkish Jewish Community, we have suffered our 4th loss to the Coronavirus.
We Have Lost Hazzan Rabbi Rıfat Romi
Hazzan Rabbi Rıfat Romi (Photo taken from the Struma Victims Commemoration Ceremony in February)

The hazzan (cantor) of Şişli 'Beth Israel' and Büyükada 'Hesed LeAvraham' synagogues, Rıfat Romi lost his life because of the Coronavirus. Rabbi Romi who had been well known among the Jewish community with his powerful voice, passed away due to the complications caused by Covid-19.

Hazzan Romi who had been known by the community for his voice in the Şişli and Büyükada synagogues, had recently prayed during the ceremony organized to commemorate the Struma victims in February.

Due to the pandemic, previously from the Turkish Jewish Community, Daryo Cömert, Suzan Cömert, and Yaşar Mendağ had lost their lives to the virus.


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