Most of the Cases are in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara

Total lives lost are 277.
Most of the Cases are in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara
Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca remarked that there were lives lost in 39 cities because of COVID-19. In the last 24 hours, 63 more people lost their lives in Turkey due to the pandemic.

Minister Koca saying that 14,396 tests had been administered in the last 24 hours, stated, "The cases diagnosed today are 2,148. Today 63 of our citizens lost their lives. In addition, I want to state that 333 of our patients have recovered and were discharged from the hospitals."

Isolation is very important

Minister Koca showing the chart displaying how a sick person had spread the illness, said, "What we see here is the patients we have performed epidemiological studies on. Currently, the patients that we perform epidemiological studies per day, have reached 10,000. During the process when we study the cases we have been following, the cases that have been tested positive, we have 47,156 people.

We are conducting our studies with our teams in the field and the Family Health Doctors. These numbers could have been reached through their intensive efforts. We thank our Family Health Doctors. We have to state that epidemiological studies are vital; finding out and knowing whom the suspected or positive cases had been in contact with recently and isolating especially these individuals is a very important factor in this fight."

Minister Koca also added that the person seen at the center on the chart was a person who had recovered from the illness without even having to be hospitalized, even though 3 people he had infected were dead and 12 people around this certain individual were tested positive.

Minister Fahrettin Koca in his twitter account today stated, "VIRUS'S WHOLE POWER IS THE CHANCE TO SPREAD. Let's not give this power to the virus in this fight. You will do this by protecting your lives, isolating yourselves. If we cannot succeed in this our losses will increase even more. In the evening, when we see the chart of the day, we will be even sadder."


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