Turkish Jewish Community´s Updates On Coronavirus

Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, the Turkish Jewish Community and the Chief Rabbinate are also taking a series of precautions while keeping on informing the Jewish community.
Turkish Jewish Community´s Updates On Coronavirus

Last week the decision to close all the synagogues except the Şişli, Ortaköy, and Caddebostan synagogues was made. Besides, the attendance to funerals was also limited. However due to the changes in the situation, as of last Thursday, all synagogues had to be closed for service.

Some of the Turkish Jewish Society foundations, Or-Ahayim Hospital Association, YAD Matan Basater, Or Yom, and Mişne Tora delivered this collective message to the Jewish people: "Our dear friends, we should all keep on supporting our elderlies, our sick, our needy, and the people who help them even during these troublesome days with unselfishness, just like we do every year during the Passover Festival, and maybe doing even more."

In addition to this, Chief Rabbi Isak Haleva broadcasted a message on Youtube relating to the agenda, saying that in order to pass these troublesome days that we are going through with minimum distress, we should all obey the warnings and recommendations meticulously of Ministry of Health and other authorized institutions, and that this should be our primary duty.


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