Corona Virus Precautions from Turkish Jewish Community

Corona Virus Precautions from Turkish Jewish Community

Chief Rabbinate of Turkey, with the announcement they made on Monday morning, has decided to put all the activities on hold starting from Wednesday, March 18th, in all of the synagogues except Şişli, Ortaköy, and Caddebostan.

It is remarked that in the synagogues that are still open, the religious ceremonies are going to be fulfilled with the minyan (10 adult men) determined by the synagogue administration, and that especially people over the age 60 should not come to the synagogues.

It is also added that the rabbis will contact and meet their congregations through social media.

Chief Rabbinate also informed the people, in the context of the measures they warned about earlier, concerning the people that come to the apartments where people live and present themselves as coming from the Ministry of Health. They warned people not to open their doors to these people under no circumstance because they are frauds.

As an addition, it is requested that everyone coming to the synagogues for worship should bring their own belongings, like kipa, tallit, and tefillin.

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