´El Amaneser´ in ´Dergilik´

Şalom´s Ladino (Judeo-Espagnol) newspaper ´El Amaneser´ is now in the ´Dergilik´ application.
´El Amaneser´ in ´Dergilik´
El Amaneser in ´Dergilik´

El Amaneser, the Ladino (Judeo-Espagnol) supplement of Şalom Newspaper, published monthly, can now be read on the mobile devices through Turkcell's application 'Dergilik (meaning Magazine Stand)'. 

Şalom Newspaper has been in the 'Dergilik' application since last May. Either on a phone or a tablet, you can download all the pages of Şalom and El Amaneser to your mobile device, read them as though from the real newspaper, go to the archive and reach the previous issues.

Şalom Newspaper on Turkcell 'Dergilik'

Şalom Newspaper in 'Dergilik'

To be able to turn the pages of Şalom or El Amaneser, you first have to download the Turkcell 'Dergilik' application into your mobile device, then search for Şalom and/or El Amaneser in the application.

Turkcell Dergilik Application

The 'Dergilik' Application


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