Prayer for Our Soldiers in the Synagogues

On Saturday (The Holy Shabbath Day), in all of the synagogues and in Neve Shalom Synagogue, the prayers were for our martyred and wounded soldiers, peace, our country´s peace and well-being.
Prayer for Our Soldiers in the Synagogues
The prayer in Hebrew

Hazzan Nathan Siliki recited the prayer in Neve Şalom Synagogue. Because this was announced on Friday by the Turkish Jewish Community and the Rabbinate, there was a big attendance for the Shabbath prayer on Saturday morning.

The prayer recited both in Turkish and Hebrew in the synagogues can be translated into English as follows:

"To our almighty, merciful and compassionate G-d who has mercy for all living souls, may our soldiers who have died in Idlib for our nation and our country, forever rest mercifully under your wings. May G-d grant our wounded soldiers immediate healing. May peace and well-being prevail in Turkey and all over the world, urgently and in a short time. May the divine will be in this direction, let us say 'Amen'."


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