´Unrushed´ Photography Exhibition in Schneidertempel

Güher Mörel´s first solo photography exhibition ´Unrushed´ is opened in Schneidertempel Art Center.
´Unrushed´ Photography Exhibition in Schneidertempel

Following the photographs published in monthly magazines, Güher Mörel opened her first solo exhibition 'Unrushed' in Schneidertempel Art Center on February 19th. The exhibition will be open until March 8th.

Around 30 photographs are displayed in the exhibition. About the exhibition, Mörel commented, "The photographs I take with the professional cameras are unintentionally taking every ordinary simple thing and turning it to something chosen and special. Sometimes embarrassment may replace enthusiasm, fiction may replace natural. With the more and more perfected camera features in the cell phones, it is now possible to focus on the moment and establish it before it changes, it is disrupted, and to say what you want quietly, without rushing. Frankly, it was not possible not to be attracted to this. Also remembering Henri Cartier Bresson's saying "The person, not the machine takes the photograph", the photographs taken through the years have surfaced with this exhibition. If Tan Oral who saw my photographs hadn't encouraged me, this exhibition would not be happening."

by Güher Mörel


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