"We Will Not Lose Judeo-Espagnol"

The 7th International Ladino Day was celebrated last Sunday with a great crowd. Judeo-Espagnol (Ladino) which is one of the most important elements of Sephardic Culture, was honored with many different activities that lasted all day long.
"We Will Not Lose Judeo-Espagnol"
Estreyikas d´Estanbol Choir (Photograph by Alberto Modiano)

Translation by Janet MITRANI

Besides the activities done in order not to lose the Ladino language which is an important part of Turkish Jewish culture, the 7th edition of the International Ladino Day that is honored every year in Istanbul, was celebrated in Ulus Jewish School together with a crowded Ladino-loving audience.

This year it was a pleasure to see new faces among the 400 people attending the special event. The activities that started at 11.00 hrs in the morning lasted 'till 18.00 hrs.

The International Ladino Day started with the speeches of Turkish Jewish Community's former President and Head of Sephardic Center Silvyo Ovadya who continuously works to keep the Ladino language alive, and Sephardic Culture Research Center Coordinator, Şalom Newspaper Judeo-Espagnol pages and El Amaneser Magazine's Editor Karen Gerşon Şarhon.

The day was full of Judeo-Espagnol throughout the day, along with many different activities. The speeches of the guests coming from abroad just to attend this special day, plays, shows, and the concert of Estreyikas d'Estambol Choir that is celebrating their 15th year anniversary this year, were appreciated greatly by the audience.

As being the only country celebrating the International Ladino Day as one whole day, full of activities in Judeo-Espagnol language, the Head of Sephardic Culture Research Center Silvyo Ovadya, the Coordinator Karen Gerşon Şarhon and the volunteers, once again created this one of a kind wonderful event. We sincerely wish to repeat this event with the same joy and success every year.


The photographs were taken by Alberto Modiano.


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