Anti-Semite Cartoon Warning to Cumhuriyet

The Press Council gave ´warning´ to Cumhuriyet Newspaper, based on the anti-Semite cartoon published.
Anti-Semite Cartoon Warning to Cumhuriyet

The press council, evaluating the complaint made by Lawyer Murat Ruben, gave 'warning' to Cumhuriyet Newspaper.

Ruben had filed a complaint that some cartoons published in the humor part of the Cumhuriyet newspaper dated November 30th, 2019, were anti-Jewish. The cartoons in question were the cartoonist Lütfü Çakın's cartoon and the cartoons which had initially been drawn by Cemal Nadir in 1945 and republished on the day mentioned.

As a result of the evaluation, the cartoons were not seen in line with the newspaper's publishing policy that is known as law-abiding, giving importance to human rights and freedom of speech. Also, it was decided that the cartoons mentioned were in violation of the clause among the Professional Principles of the Press saying, 'Statements that are humiliating, degrading or sullying individuals and organizations beyond the limits of criticism shall not be allowed' and thus Cumhuriyet Newspaper's Editor-in-chief Aykut Küçükkaya should be warned. 


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