´A Sephardic Journey´ in the Museum of Turkish Jews

Today at 3 o´clock, the documentary ´Trees Cry For Rain: A Sephardic Journey´ will be displayed in the Quincentenial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews.
´A Sephardic Journey´ in the Museum of Turkish Jews

The short documentary film 'Trees Cry For Rain: A Sephardic Journey' directed by the American documentary producer Bonnie Burt, will be displayed in the Museum of Turkish Jews today in the context of the Sunday activities.

The documentary is exhibiting the life of 'America's Internet Champion of Ladino' Rachel Amado Bortnick, one of the last generation of native speakers of Ladino (Judeo-Espagnol), her Jewish-Turkish heritage, the Sephardic culture and the disappearing world of Ladino, through songs, photographs, cooking, and stories.

The film was first shown in 1989, but it wasn't until it was screened in 1992 San Fransisco Jewish Film Festival and in 'Madrid - Festival de Cine Judio' which was considered the greatest Jewish event realized in Spain in 500 years, it received the attention it deserved from the public.

Following these, the documentary was screened in the Lincoln Performing Arts Center in New York and in the Jewish Channel.

Ten years later in 2002, it returned to the screens in the Las Vegas Jewish Film Festival and 22 years after it was produced, it was displayed once again with a special screening in the 15th year of the Seattle Jewish Festival.

The documentary is also being used as an academic source at the high school and college level in the subjects of Middle Eastern Researches, Jewish Researches, and World History.


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