Performance Artist Marina Abramović in Turkey

The famous performance artist Marina Abramović is performing an exhibition in Turkey for the first time.
Performance Artist Marina Abramović in Turkey

Sakip Sabanci Museum is welcoming Marina Abramović, one of the pioneers of performance art in the world, and the Marina Abramović Institute (MAI) which she established herself, for the exhibition 'Flux', the first large-scale retrospective of Marina Abramović in Turkey. The exhibition, being realized with the support of Akbank Sanat, will be open to visitors until April 26th.

The exhibition 'Flux' is presenting video and photographic documentation of performances by the artist, as well as a section dedicated to 'The Abramović Method'. 'The Abramović Method' is a large scale, public participatory event joining people in a communal experience to connect with oneself and with each other, and an exploration of being present in both time and space through exercises that focus on breath, motion, stillness, and concentration.

'Flux', representing 50 years of the artist's career, also aims to introduce and support performance art and encourage art audiences in Turkey to experience performance art themselves.

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