With ´Fight for Earth´ Eran Yakar Received the Gold Award

In the Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Contest, 12-year-old Eran Yakar earning the first prize in the ´Middle School - Film´ category, received the Gold Award.
With ´Fight for Earth´ Eran Yakar Received the Gold Award

Bow Seat, a foundation consisting of many associations, provides an innovative space for teens to connect, communicate and create awareness for our oceans.

The 2019 Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Contest invited students from around the world to create artwork about a coastal or marine species, place, or system impacted by climate change.

In the contest, 12-year-old Eran Yakar earning the first prize in the ´Middle School - Film´ category with his animation 'The Fight for Earth', received the Gold Award.

Eran Yakar created his award-winning animation with the Adobe Animate program, which he studied for one year, working for 4 hours every morning during one month of the summer holiday and making 2500 sketches. He drew all the drawings seen in the animation on a Wacom pen tablet. The young talent who has been drawing ever since he was able to hold a pencil, made research before he started his project and depicted the steps of the film. He first wrote the scenario and drew his sketches along this scenario.

Yakar about his animation has remarked, "I made this animation because the world needs an awakening. An awakening that we are destroying our planet and that we have to stop. In my animation, I tried to show everyone how our actions are affecting our planet but also to give hope that we can make a new, better world for ourselves and all living creatures. We can do anything, but only if we try. In this animation, the blue character represents Earth and its wonders, while the grey character represents all the harm we are causing and how it's changing our world in a negative way. They fight with each other, and the blue character wins with the help of all humans, which represents that everybody should participate. The animation ends with a happy ending. I worked hard for this animation so I can end it how l want. Just like real life and like me: we have to work hard, harder than we ever did to end this story with a happy ending."

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