Renan Koen´s New Album

Renan Koen´s new album where she performed her teacher Ali Darmar´s piano pieces is released.
Renan Koen´s New Album
Renan Koen & Ali Darmar

The pianist, composer, soprano, and music therapist Renan Koen who has been incessantly working, devising new projects, releasing albums, giving concerts in Turkey and abroad, is now presenting music lovers, her teacher of 35-years, her mentor's piano pieces in her new album 'Renan Koen - Ali Darmar Piano Pieces'.

Ali Darmar, who serves as a bridge among the third and fourth generation of contemporary Turkish composers, reflects his delicate and profound musical sense -that is nowadays very rare in the world- to his pieces, owing to his music education in Paris. Darmar in his works stands out with a new understanding of romance that gives importance to a clear and catchy melody style.

Renan Koen, in her script she has written for this album, says, "I sincerely wish that my mentor Ali Darmar's timeless works shall reach a wider audience. I think it will be a great gift for everyone, all music lovers, especially for the younger generation, to feel the elegance in his works, not only in a musical sense but in all aspects of life.

Koen's album which she meticulously recorded also has a few surprises. One is that it is presenting the listeners, the first concert recording from 2008 of Darmar's 'Sessizliğin İçinden (Out of Silence)' piece. Thus we witness two experienced musicians Ayla Erduran and Ayşegül Sarıca's profound knowledge, their elegant technique and style meet with their own rich world. Another surprise of the album is that it's sharing with the listeners a recording of Renan Koen and a young pianist Emir Ilgen, who is still continuing his education and of whom we will surely be hearing more often.


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