Mois Gabay Attended the ´Istanbul Tourism Workshop´

Şalom writer Mois Gabay attended the ´Istanbul Tourism Workshop´ organized by the Municipality of Istanbul, as one of the achievements of the Istanbul Tourism Platform which was brought to life in November 2019, to improve and beautify our city.
Mois Gabay Attended the ´Istanbul Tourism Workshop´
Şalom writer Mois Gabay & Mayor of Istanbul Ekrem Imamoğlu

Şalom writer and a professional tour guide Mois Gabay was also invited to contribute to the 'Istanbul Tourism Workshop'. Many business associations, organizations, public institutions, companies, academicians, non-governmental organizations, and volunteers operating and creating projects in different areas of tourism in Istanbul, attended the workshop.

Mois Gabay briefing the representatives of the tourism industry, on the routes of places of worship belonging to the minorities, and the difficulties of visiting these places, remarked that he was happy to be included in this process and that more people from different religions and faiths should be included in the works.

The closing speech of the workshop was by the Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoğlu. Imamoglu expressing the importance of independent trademarking of Istanbul in tourism, said "We defined three important attributes as the vision of Istanbul; we said 'Istanbul will be a fair city. Istanbul will be a green city. Istanbul will be a creative city.' In creativity, we include themes like culture, art, innovation, and tourism. We have to be creative in order for our city to become a more tempting destination and attract more foreign visitors with higher income."


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