Turkish Products Fair in Israel for the First Time

This year Mediterranean Exporters´ Association (AKIB) is organizing a Turkish Export Products Fair in Israel for the first time.
Turkish Products Fair in Israel for the First Time

The Turkish Export Products Fair will be organized in Tel Aviv, Israel's economy and finance center, during the dates between June 3-5, 2020. The companies that wish to attend the fair will be able to hand in their applications until January 30th, 2020.

Mediterranean Exporters' Association (AKIB) has been promoting the fair by sending bulletins to all its members and other export companies.

In the bulletins, it is expressed that the fair is intended to be for all the export companies, and it includes all the export products. Also, the bulletin is indicating that the fair is going to present investment opportunities, partnerships, and a chance to negotiate commercial collaborations among the local and foreign companies and the government representatives.


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