Israeli Consulate Representative Visited Or Ahayim Hospital

Israeli Consulate Representative in Istanbul, Ehud Moshe Eitam, paid a courtesy visit to Or Ahayim Hospital, last week.
Israeli Consulate Representative Visited Or Ahayim Hospital

During the visit, Or Ahayim Hospital's Chairman of the Board Yaşar Abuaf, board members and 'Pink Angels (Pembe Melekler - the volunteering ladies)' welcomed Ehud Moshe Eitam.

Yaşar Abuaf gave Consulate Eitam the tour of the hospital and enlightened him about the foundation and history of the hospital. Then he gave information on the status of the hospital today, the 40-bed lodge in Balikli Greek Hospital, and the kind services of the Pink Angels.

After the lunch consisting of Sephardic food, taken in the Albala Hall, Consulate Eitam wrote and signed in the memorial journal that had been first signed in 1925 by the donator Ellie Kadoorie. At the end of his visit Chairman Abuaf gifted Consulate Eitam the Centennial Book to serve as a memory of the day.


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