Pop Art Genius Andy Warhol Exhibition in Istanbul

UNIQ Expo is welcoming the pioneer of Pop Art Andy Warhol and the important artists in this field in the context of the Andy Warhol Exhibition until March 29, 2020.
Pop Art Genius Andy Warhol Exhibition in Istanbul
Andy Warhol, “Flowers”, 1964

UNIQ Expo is staging an exhibition that might make one think "art has never been this much fun". The Andy Warhol exhibition in UNIQ Expo, curated by Begüm Alkoçlar, is presenting 90 original pieces of one of the most talented artists of the 20th century, the Pop Art genius Andy Warhol. Among the pieces on display are also his iconic works like Marilyn Monroe, Campell Soup and Flowers.

Andy Warhol, "Campbell Soup", 1962

In the context of the exhibition 40 original pieces of the pioneers in Pop Art, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, James Rosenquist, and Robert Indiana, are on display in Turkey for the first time.

Keith Haring,

Keith Haring, "Pop Shop Quad 1", 1987

Turkish Pop Art artists are also exhibiting their works in the exhibition. Andy Warhol Exhibition will be open to visitors until March 29, 2020.


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