´Traveler´s Eye, Traveler´s Journal´ Exhibition from Izel Rozental

The photography exhibition ´Traveler´s Eye, Traveler´s Journal (Gezginin Gözü, Gezginin Defteri)´ of Izel Rozental who is a caricaturist and a writer, is opened in Schneidertempel Art Gallery on Thursday, November 14th.
´Traveler´s Eye, Traveler´s Journal´ Exhibition from Izel Rozental
Izel Rozental and Ivo Molinas

The exhibition consists of the photographs Izel Rozental took when he traveled to the various countries around the world and the notes he has taken about these photos in his notebook.


The curator of the exhibition is Architect (MSc) Aykut Köksal. In the exhibition booklet, Köksal is explaining his thoughts as follows: "Izel Rozental is a traveler. He has traveled to numerous cities all around the globe; Athens, Cape Town, Delhi, Havana, Helsinki, Nice, Paris, San Fransisco, Wellington, Kyoto, etc. Like every traveler, Rozental is taking photographs of the places he visits. Unlike every traveler, he's also taking notes in his notebook, some of them during his travels, some later. What happens if these photos and notes meet? Moreover, can this meeting make up an exhibition? The installation in Schneidertempel Art Gallery's Main Hall is trying to answer these questions."

Curator Aykut Köksal and the designer of the exhibition Ersu Pekin, in their speech following Izel Rozental's, at the opening ceremony, talked about the development process of the exhibition.

The exhibition will be open for visitors until December 15th, in Schneidertempel Art Gallery.


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