A Ladino Novel by Coya Delevi

Coya Delevi´s new Ladino novel "Una Ijika Chika de Galata" is out from Libra books.
A Ladino Novel by Coya Delevi

A recollection of memories of a life of 80 years or more... The story of a little girl from Galata... 

Şalom writer Coya Delevi's Ladino -or as she prefers to use- Judeo-Espanyol book "Una Ijika Chika de Galata (A Little Girl from Galata)" is out from Libra books. Delevi had first written this novel in Turkish with the name "Galatali Küçük bir Kiz" in 2016. Now in Ladino, the book is ready to meet Ladino-lovers.

Coya Delevi in her novel, while telling her own life story, is also portraying the political and social events -especially the ones about minorities- of Turkey's last 80 years, during different periods of time. While telling about Çorlu, Tekirdağ, and Galata, she's also depicting her studies in Judeo-Espanyol.

In the interview Sara Yanarocak had with Delevi for Şalom newspaper in 2016, she had said: "Writing in Ladino or as I wish to call it, Judeo Espanyol, is my passion. Because it reminds me of the neighborhood I grew up in, my beloved family members, my childhood. Besides this, the possibility of losing the language of our elders makes me very sad. I will continue writing in Ladino as much as I can."

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