Renan Koen will Perform a Concert in Hemdat Israel Synagogue

Renan Koen will perform her Holocaust Remembrance Concert in Haydarpaşa Hemdat Israel Synagogue, on October 24th Thursday.
Renan Koen will Perform a Concert in Hemdat Israel Synagogue

The pianist, composer, soprano and music therapist Renan Koen said the following about the concert:

"I am very excited, because on the evening of October 24th, I will perform the Holocaust Remembrance Concert, in the fabulously beautiful Haydarpaşa Hemdat Israel Synagogue (in Kadiköy, Istanbul), with a great artist. In the concert, with the precious Czech pianist Jiří Hrubý, besides the pieces composed in the camp by the Theresienstadt composers Viktor Ullmann and Gideon Klein -which I play with deep admiration-, we will be playing Erwin Schulhoff's 'Ironies' together using 4 hands. this piece was composed in a dadaist mode. Also the concert will be bearing a big surprise; but as this is a surprise, it cannot be understood without being seen. It will be a great pleasure to share a music so wonderful in a synagogue so beautiful." 

Koen is also adding, though giving away another surprise, there will be a coctail, starting at 18.30, before the concert, where there will be delicious Sephardic foods. 

If you want to watch this concert, all you need to do is RSVP through [email protected] or the phone number +90 555 595 6358.

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