‘Memory Walk Education’ in Edirne

Applications for ‘Memory Walk Education’ in the context of ‘Basic Human Rights and Democratic Values Education through Anne Frank’s Life Story’ is open.
‘Memory Walk Education’ in Edirne

Foundation of Civilian and Ecological Rights (SEHAK), in collaboration with the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, is going to perform a Memory Walk education in Edirne, on September 27-28-29.  

This workshop, being organized by SEHAK, is an education based creative video workshop. It aims especially at making young participants gain a critical perspective on their living spaces and the memories of those spaces. Memory Walk education, raises awareness on different approaches regarding spaces, events and history, also it encourages being able to have a critical view on different approaches on this subject. 

In Memory Walk education, participants not only will learn theoretical information on concepts of space and memory, and technical information on shooting videos, but they will also master the technic of Memory Walk education.  

During the three-days education program, participants will gain knowledge, also they will have a chance to put what they have learned into action, with the field study they will perform in groups. Additionally, they will ponder on the significance of spaces in the context of social memory and have a chance to closely investigate the social memory with a field study they will conduct. 

In the course of Memory Walk education, participants will gain the ability to shoot video clips and interview people on the street on social matters, as well as improving their investigative skills on the issue.  

At the end of the Memory Walk education, participants are expected to be able to trigger a discussion on space and social memory, with the short video-clips they will produce, along with the experts.

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