Secret: Season’s First Exhibition in Schneidertempel

Season’s first exhibition in Schneidertempel Art Center, ‘Secret (Giz)’ by Ardan Ergüven, will be opened on September 18th.
Secret: Season’s First Exhibition in Schneidertempel

The ‘Secret’ exhibition where Ardan Ergüven’s abstract patterns will be displayed, is getting ready to meet art lovers, starting from September 18th in the Schneidertempel Art Center. 

Works in the exhibition are enlarged images of the patterns that were drawn by a calligraphy brush. The images that are multiplied by silk screen printing are made up of assortments of brush strokes and ink stains. These markings which don’t try to look like something and exist only as themselves, transform into images, in ‘wabi-sabi’ aesthetics, meaningful in its own imperfection. 

Ergüven is describing these designs as simple, plain even rough and irregular surfaces, not having figurative features. 

The exhibition will go on until October 6th.

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