Arditti’s ‘Journey of Life’ Exhibition in Çanakkale

Çanakkale Ceramics Museum is displaying Nadia Arditti’s ‘Journey of Life’, as its 18th periodical exhibition.
Arditti’s ‘Journey of Life’ Exhibition in Çanakkale

The sculptor Nadia Arditti’s ‘Journey of Life’ is on display in Çanakkale Ceramics Museum. Çanakkale Mayor Ülgür Gökhan, who spoke at the opening ceremony of the exhibition said, “Our region, our city is providing a certain muse. We might not be feeling it but the artist is no doubt feeling it.”

35 sculptures from Arditti’s different collections and functional art are displayed in the exhibition. The artist who has been educated in Switzerland, is both a painter and a sculptor. She is reflecting the woman figure, nature and sea in her sculptures made of stone, wood and bronze, adding a certain femininity and warmth. Furthermore, she is making her sculptures in her own studio, with the special wax melting technique.

The artist, while giving a speech in the opening ceremony said, “For me, Çanakkale means freedom. It has a very special soul. Soul of the wind, soul of the sea, means the soul of freedom...” and thanked the guests.

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