“The Final Hour” is meeting the audience

The documentary “The Final Hour – La Dalkavo Ora” is meeting the audience during the 18th Istanbul Independent Film Festival.
“The Final Hour” is meeting the audience

The sociologists, while describing a community or a culture, define the language spoken as its lifeblood. Generations evolve, as the world changes, every word, every expression carries traces of lives once lived. 

The documentary “The Final Hour” is following a young Sephardic Jewish girl, Deniz Bensusan, who realizes that Ladino, the language of her ancestors, is starting to become extinct. She’s afraid that if Ladino is lost, the community will also lose its identity. Thus, she decides to go on a journey trying to discover her past, her culture, her roots and the Ladino language. The film takes you starting from Istanbul and traveling to first Greece and then to Auschwitz, Portugal and finally to Spain where everything had started. 

The documentary “The Final Hour – La Dalkavo Hora” will be screened in the context of the 18th Istanbul Independent Film Festival, which will take place from September 13th until 22nd. 

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To read the interview of Karel Valansi from Şalom with the Producer Selim Kemahlı, Director Çağlar Malli, actress Deniz Bensusan and composer Renan Koen about the story of how the film was made, please click: 



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